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    Points to note: 

    1.  The definition of an “overseas student”: The term “overseas student” refers to international students, overseas Chinese students (including students from Hong Kong and Macao), and students from Mainland China who are currently undertaking a degree program; and to non-degree international exchange students, international students undertaking short-term studies and personal interest courses, students attending Mandarin Chinese language centers, visiting students from Mainland China, and students undertaking an Overseas Youth Vocational Training Workshop.

    2. For matters related to study, life or part-time work/internship, overseas students shall refer to the relevant units of your institute first;

    3. In the case of an emergency matter or financial hardship, please contact the campus security office and other relevant authorities at your educational institution.

    4. In accordance with the "Directions Governing University and College Student Grievance Handling Procedures", each educational institution must establish a student grievance system. Any student who considers that their rights or interests have been infringed by a punishment, policy, or decision of their educational institution may lodge an appeal in accordance with their educational institution’s regulations for student grievance handling procedures.

    5.      Useful direct reporting and inquiry lines:

             Emergency Hotline (for fires, other emergencies, & immediate rescue)  119
             Police Hotline (for assistance, or to report a robbery or traffic incident)  110
             Emergency Direct Line (for a mobile without a SIM card or coverage)  112
             Suicide prevention hotline   0800-789-995 (24 hour)
             Lifeline Consultant Hotline   1995
             Teacher Chang Hotline (Counseling Services) 1980
             Anti-Bullying Hotline     0800-200-885
             Anti-Fraud & Internet Scam hotline    165
             Consumer Service hotline (regarding consumer disputes)   1950
             Directory Assistance  (for telephone numbers in Taiwan)    104
             Directory Assistance (English)     ‎106

    6. If you would like an explanation or details of the administrative process regarding any other matter that is not related to an infringement of student rights and interests, please contact the appropriate administrative unit from the list below during office hours:
            Ministry of Education
            Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
            Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency
            Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor
            National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
            Mainland Affairs Council
            Overseas Community Affairs Council
            University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students

    7. Please do not submit any malicious or false accusations or complaints, or insulting remarks, and do not forward news or rumors circulating on the internet or from any unknown website.

    8. If the content of an e-mail violates any legislation, the sender will be held legally liable.

    9. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, which came into effect October 1, 2012, we will not release your personal information to a third party without your consent unless required for official business. As government agencies have different jurisdictions and areas of expertise, we may forward your email to the appropriate ministry or agency for reply. Your basic information (including name, phone number and email address) will be forwarded along with your message.

    10. In order to avoid accusations being made about unclear matters or being made by another person impersonating you and using your e-mail address, this mail system will automatically send a "confirmation letter" to your e-mail address. Please click the link that the email contains within 24 hours of receiving it. If we do not receive such a confirmation response from you, no further correspondence about this matter will be entered into.