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    Foreign and Overseas Chinsese students shall acquire one of the following qualifications before undertaking the specialized or technical works :     

    1. Acquire certificates or operation qualifications through the procedures specified in the Examinations of Specific Profession and Technician Guidelines, such as doctors or lawyers.
    2. Acquire credentials of Master degree or above from universities in the ROC or in foreign countries or acquire Bachelor degree and with more than two years working experiences in the specific field.
    3. Expatriates to the ROC that have been employed in multi-national companies for more than one year.
    4. Specialists who have been trained professionally or self-taught in the specific field and have more than five years experiences in related skills and have demonstrated outstanding performances.(Note: The ministry has established a consultation procedure for expatriates as professional and skilled workers to be exempted from the five-year work experience requirement. But those acknowledged as startup with innovation capabilities are not subject to the limit on years of work experience.)

    The monthly amount of average salary for employed foreigners, if no additional regulations, shall be no less than NT $47,971. Thus, if graduated foreign or overseas Chinese meet the relevant regulations, they can be applied by the employers and can stay and work in Taiwan with permission.

    (refer to brief guide to new scoring criteria by the MOL)  

    Assessed based on eight criteria, including education, salary, work experience, Chinese and other language proficiency, background, and collaborative support for governmental industrial developmental policies, etc. The MOL will distribute employment permits to those who score above 70 points.

    Applied to foreign and overseas Chinese students who have Bachelor degree in R.O.C. or ethnic Chinese students.

    The employer should meet the qualification under employing foreigners for specialized or technical works, such as qualification for franchising business, capital amount, turnover, etc. Read "Specialized or technical works" under Foreign Employee to Work in Taiwan for more information.

    Scoring Criteria

    Comment Item

    Content and Rating


     Required Documents and Description

    Education Doctoral Degree 30
    1. A copy of the graduation certificate should be attached for the bachelor degree or above.
    2. As for associate's degree, graduation certificate from a college or above in the following displines shall be attached: life sciences, environmental sciences, physics, chemistry and earth sciences, information and communication technology, engineering and engineering studies, manufacturing and processing, architecture and construction engineering, agriculture, forestry, fishery, veterinary medicine, medicine and health, social welfare, health and occupational health services.
    Master's Degree 20
    Bachelor's Degree 10
    Associate's Degree 5
    2. Salary Average monthly salary over NT$47,971 40 Copy of employment contract signed by employer and the applicant. Contract should state average monthly salary (in NT$), names of both parties, job, title, job description, employment duration, etc.
    Average monthly salary over NT$40,000 less than NT$47,971 30
    Average monthly salary over NT$35,000 less than NT$40,000 20
    Average monthly salary over NT$31,520 less than NT$35,000 10
    3.Work Experience  Work experience over 2 years 20 Copy of full-time work experience certification
    Work experience for 1-2 years 10
    4.Qualified to serve in relevant capacity Special expertises required by company for relevant position 20 Copy of documentation certifying applicant's special expertise (i.e. professional training for the role, course attendance, skill certification, creative works competition awards, patents, etc.)
    5.Chinese proficiency  Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level "Fluent" or higher 30 One of the following documents:
    I. Copy of Chinese language proficiency test result of "Intermediate" or higher. 
    II. Copy of one of the following documents certifying Chinese language studies:
    (1) Transcript of Chinese studies while attending class in Taiwan. 
    1. Fluent: 80 or higher
    2. Advanced: 70 to 79
    3. Intermediate: 60 to 69
    (2) Documentation of hours of Chinese studies: 
    1. Fluent: hours of Chinese studies in Taiwan over 960 or over 1,920 in other regions.
    2. Advanced: hours of Chinese studies in Taiwan over 480 or over 960 in other regions.
    3. Intermediate: hours of Chinese studies in Taiwan over 360 or over 720 in other regions.
    Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level "Advanced" 25
    Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level "Intermediate" 20
    6.Foreign language proficiency or experience of growing in other countries Foreign languages in addition to Chinese 20
    Copy of the applicant's passport. To prove the proficiency of a second foreign language, documents as bellows is required:
    I. Copy of applicant's foreign language ability certification.
    II. Copy of document certifying overseas Chinese or foreign student's foreign language study of over 360 hours.
    i.e.: Foreign Language Proficiency Test (FLPT), TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge English Language Assessment, IELTS, GEPT, Linguaskill Business, Linguaskill General, 
    British Council International English Proficiency Certificate, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), DELF, Goethe-Zertifikat, TestDaF, Russian Language Proficiency Tests held by Chinese Culture University or National Chengchi University, etc. 
    Foreign language in addition to Chinese or experience of growing in other countries for consecutive 6 years or more 10
    7.Compliance with government policy Companies or employees conforming to government policies related to industrial development 20 Copy of documentation issued by central competent authority certifying the employer is complied  with government policy, i.e.:
    I. Conforms to excellent backbone business qualifications.
    II. Businesses establishing operational headquarters in Taiwan (corporate operations headquarters recognition letter).
    III. Businesses establishing R & D centers in Taiwan (implementing unit approval letter)
    IV. Conforms to HeadStart Taiwan: institutions with "new business recognition principle of innovative ability"
    V. Recognition letter or certification of conformation to industrial development policy issued by central competent authority.

    Academic certificate of programs such as: International Programs of Industy-Academia Collaboration in Taiwan, Industy-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year college, Industry-Academia Cooperative Education Program for Overseas Compatriot Students, Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program.
    Graduated overseas students studying in special classes established in line with national policies or enrolled through G2G program.
    8.One who received scholarships or excellent grades during studies One who received government-provided scholarships or scored in the top 30% at school. 10 Copies of supporting documents such as official documents approved by government agencies and schools or the list of winners announced in the official announcement.
    One who received school scholarships or achieved the top 50% with a GPA of 3.0 at school. 5
    Qualifying Score   70  








     (4)未具學歷而有5年以上工作經驗,並有創見或特殊表現者。且外國人之受聘僱月平均薪資,除另有規定外,須達新台幣4萬7,971元。(註: 本部已訂有外國人從事專門性或技術性工作免除5年工作經驗規定之會商機制,經專案同意屬具創新創業能力之新創事業者,得不受工作經驗之限制)






    【誰可以雇用我每一個可以聘僱外國人的工作類別,雇主的資格都有相關規定 (例如: 特許行業資格、資本額、營業額等資格要件) 詳細內容請查詢勞動部勞動力發展屬外國人在臺工作-畢業僑外生留臺工作網頁 






    1.學歷 博士學位 30 一、學士學位以上應檢附畢業證書影本。
    碩士學位  20
    學士學位 10
    副學士學位 5
    2.聘僱薪資 每月平均新臺幣四萬七千九百七十一元以上 40 雇主與僑外生簽妥之勞動契約書影本,契約內容應載明每月平均聘僱薪資(以新臺幣計)、雙方名稱、工作職稱、工作內容及聘僱期間等。
    每月平均新臺幣四萬元以上未達四萬七千九百七十一元  30
    每月平均新臺幣三萬五千元以上未達四萬元  20
    每月平均新臺幣三萬一千五百二十元以上未達三萬五千元  10
    3.工作經驗 二年以上 20 僑外生國內外專職工作之經驗證明影本。
    一年以上未達二年 10
    4.擔任職務資格 具有企業所需該職務特殊專長能力者 20 僑外生具職務特殊專長能力之證明文件影本。(如擔任該職務所需之專業訓練、修習課程、技能檢定、創作著作比賽得獎專利等證明) 
    5.華語語文能力 經華語文能力檢定達 「流利」等級以上 30 下列文件之一:
    一、 僑外生華語文能力測驗「進階」以上等級之證明文件影本。
    二、 僑外生曾學習華語文具有下列證明文件影本之一:
    (一) 在臺就學期間修習國文(中文)課程之成績證明:
    1. 流利:八十分以上。
    2. 高階:七十至七十九分。
    3. 進階:六十至六十九分。
    (二) 學習華語(中文)時數證明文件:
    1. 流利:在臺學習華語(中文)時數達九百六十小時以上,或其他地區學習一千九百二十小時以上。
    2. 高階:在臺學習華語(中文)時數達四百八十小時以上,或其他地區學習九百六十小時以上。
    3. 進階:在臺學習華語(中文)時數達三百六十小時以上,或其他地區學習七百二十小時以上。
    經華語文能力檢定達「高階」等級 25
    經華語文能力檢定達「進階」等級 20
    6.他國語言能力或他國成長經驗 具有華語以外二項以上他國語文能力 20
    僑外生護照影本。如需認定2項以上他國語言能力,需另檢附 下列文件之一:
    一、 僑外生他國語言能力檢定證明文件影本。
    二、 僑外生修習他國語言達三百六十小時以上之證明文件影本。
    如:語言訓練測驗中心之外語能力測驗(FLPT)證明、托福(TOEFL)、多益(TOEIC)、雅思(IELTS)、全民英檢(GEPT)、劍橋大學英語能力認證、劍橋領思職場英語測驗(Linguaskill Business)、劍橋領思實用英語測驗(Linguaskill General)、英國文化協會國際英語能力證明、日本交流協會日本語能力測驗、法國文化協會法語鑑定(DELF)、歌德學院德語檢定考試、德國大學入學德語鑑定考試「德福」(TestDaF)、中國文化大學或國立政治大學辦理之俄文能力測驗等。
    具有華語以外一項他國語文能力或具有於他國連續居留六年以上之成長經驗 10
    7.配合政府政策 配合政府產業發展相關政策之企業受僱者 20 一、中央目的事業主管機關核發雇主配合政府相關政策之證明文件影本。如:

    8.在校就讀期間領取獎學金或成績優異者 在校就讀期間領取政府提供之獎學金或成績達前百分之三十者 10 政府機關、學校之核定公文或公告之獲獎名單等證明文件影本
    在校就讀期間領取學校獎學金或成績達前百分之五十且GPA達三分者 5
    合格分數   70