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    名稱 外國學生 Foreign Student 僑生 Overseas Chinese Student 港澳生 Students from Hong Kong and Macao 陸生 Mainland Chinese Student
    Employment Service Act (另開新視窗)      
    就業服務法施行細則 (另開新視窗)  
    Enforcement Rules of Employment Service Law (另開新視窗)      
    性別工作平等法 (另開新視窗)  
    Act of Gender Equality in Employment (另開新視窗)      
    性別工作平等法施行細則 (另開新視窗)  
    Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment (另開新視窗)      
    外國人從事就業服務法第四十六條第一項第一款至第六款工作資格及審查標準 (另開新視窗)  
    Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act (另開新視窗)      
    外國人從事就業服務法第四十六條第一項第八款至第十一款工作資格及審查標準 (另開新視窗)  
    The Reviewing Standards and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Subparagraph 8 to 11,Paragraph 1 to Article 46 of the Employment Service Act (另開新視窗)      
    雇主聘僱外國人許可及管理辦法 (另開新視窗)  
    Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers (另開新視窗)      
    就業服務法申請案件審查費及證照費收費標準 (另開新視窗)  
    Fee-charging Standards for Application Case Review and License under the Employment Services Act (另開新視窗)